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It’s time to clear the decks, wrap up all the loose ends, and uncover what you really want  to achieve in 2023

A free 90 minute workshop designed to make next year your best yet!

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  • Stop asking for permission?
  • Start putting yourself first?
  • Finally figure out what's holding you back?
  • Get laser-focused on what you, deep down, really want your life to look like?

Like it or not, 2022 is coming to an end, and you’ve still got a list of things to complete, or even start!

But before the panic sets in…there is something we can do together.

What would you do differently if you could start this year over?

No. I’m not suggesting we create a time machine – I just got my nails done! I’m talking about leaving the uncertainty of 2022 behind, clearing the decks and getting ready for a life-changing 2023 - 90 days at a time.


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the countdown is on...

Now you have no excuse; the decks are cleared for you to focus on what you really want for your life.

Our time together will equip and embolden you to make 2023 the year everything changes.

Join me for a free workshop where we'll address where you are right now, and what's actually holding you back from living the life you want to live.  

What happened to those resolutions you made as New Year's fireworks lit up the sky? Yup. Lost in the year end cycle of coulda, woulda, shoulda. 

You started 2022 wearing your favorite pair of Louboutin’s, believing this was the year everything would change. But, as the days turned into weeks that turned into months, things piled up. Your dreams got lost in the frenzy of it all. Those spinning plates you constantly try to keep spinning, crashed down around you.

It’s time to reignite the passion inside of you, manage the overwhelm, recognize the excuses, and make 2023 the year you start putting yourself first. Only then can you explore what you really want and what's holding you back!

Does this sound like you?

Because for this one afternoon, they’re not. All you need is 90 minutes (it's the same amount of time as watching a programme on Netflix).

This workshop is free because I want you to see that the only thing holding you back from achieving the things you want in life - is you! 

Look out for a confirmation email and a short questionnaire.

Make a head start by filling the questionnaire in prior to the workshop. We have to start somewhere!

How We’ll Make It Happen

Take the first step. Ask yourself, “what would I do if time and money weren’t an issue?” 

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step one

STep tw0

Believe in yourself and know 2023 will be the year you begin to work on what's holding you back.

The year is yours for the taking!

Join me for 90 minutes of life-changing insights, inspiration, and much-wanted momentum. 

Step four

Sunday, 4 December, 4:00 PM EST!

Dedicate this time to yourself and the woman you want to be. With these 90 minutes blocked out, there’s no excuse for you not to show up.

I’ll be cheering you on.

Add the date to your calendar. 

step Three


I’ll be there!

Hi, I’m Nikki. And I’ve so been where you are.

I’ve been spent the better part of my life exhausted, behind a desk piled high with half-completed projects, and to-do lists of what everyone else ‘needed’ me to do while my dreams sat languishing in my in tray. Deep down, I knew I was holding myself back but could never understand why. Have you been there?

on the outside, people knew me as being super successful. but inwardly, I felt empty. I wanted more. But what did more even look like? I promised myself I’d find the answer.

Through everything I’ve learned, I have discovered a better path to reach a place of inner happiness and fulfilment and now help my clients taking their lives to the next level.

Together, we’ll spend time assessing, eliminating, and only re-committing to what is going to move your life forward. Only, then can you begin to uncover what you really want for your life.

It’s an experience brimming with non-judgemental support, deep understanding, and a proven strategy.

You're in the right place.

Now, I am a Certified High Performance Coach and a Professional Life Coach. 

But I won’t blame you if you opt for a dramatic desk sweep along the way– whatever it takes for you to fully clear the decks and realign in time for the new year!

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You can’t accomplish your goals or be there for others if you’re not looking after yourself, and the woman you want to be knows that. She’s not afraid to set boundaries so she can spend time creating the woman she wants to be.

A self server 

She knows what she needs to do to get where she wants to be, and she’s ready to implement the steps to get there. Nothing is holding her back. Not mindset. Not know-how. Not lack of confidence. Nothing.

An analyst (trust me on this one)

She knows how to analyze and prioritize the tasks and commitments in her life to define what really matters and what’s going to get her to the places she wants to be. Society's expectations don’t phase her. There’s no more getting lost in the messy middle. She’s able to step back and realign her focus.

I’m ready to meet her!

It’s time to clear the decks and live a life that lights you the heck up! 

In our time together, you’ll learn how to recognize your excuses all so you can reconnect with what you really what your life to be like (the ones that got put on the back burner by your career developments, taking care of children, and absolutely being held back by self-doubt).

Imagine waking up on the 1st of January with a pep in your step and the drive to go after what you want. Full speed ahead.

Sign me up - I’m in!

Join me on December 4th at 4:00 pm EST and make 2023 the year you accomplish things you never thought were possible.

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