Lifestyle coaching for women who are ready for a reboot!

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I’m Nikki, your straight-up, awareness-driven, red lipstick-wearing guide to this crazy thing called life.

In 2020, mid-pandemic, I decided to say goodbye to my twenty-three years as a destination wedding planner and embarked on my greatest adventure yet. Way, way, way too many packets of Oreos, a shameful number of whiskey bottles, and more than one life-changing identity crisis later, I landed here.

It’s time to design a life you love.

You’re in the right place.

Inspired by my own experience of losing my identity, feeling frumpy and beyond depressed and disillusioned, The Intentional Coach is a safe space for women who simply want more. For the woman who doesn’t feel seen, and no matter how hard she tries, wakes up feeling so.damn.empty.

Tell me, is this you? 

Live life on your terms, and finally get your life together?

I want in on this!

I’m here to help you embrace your uniqueness, find what excites you, and make sure you’re living your life with purpose. 

No two women's journeys are the same, and this experience is no different.

It all starts with a thought. You know you’re ready for more.


Because the thought of staying where you are makes you want to curl up in bed, avoid life, or in my case, reach for yet another Mega Stuff Oreo.

Through 1:1 coaching, group sessions, or focus sessions, we’ll work together to find your way to feeling focused and fabulous!

Mindset coaching for women who are excited for change

I knew I had to share what I’d learned.

I certified as a Professional Life Coach from The Life Coach School, decided to put a deadline on my days as a destination wedding planner, and began living life according to my new mission; to help women understand how their thoughts create the results in their lives and how to live intentionally.

And guess what? I’m loving every minute of it!

Fast-forward 18 months later with oh so many early morning walks taken while listening to podcasts by The Life Coach School (thanks covid for the introduction), and I was well on the way to creating a new life for myself— one that’s (mostly) absent of self-judgment, comparison, and purposelessness. Yes, I am still a work in progress but loving my evolution.

I went from feeling overwhelmed and anxious about simply getting out of bed to waking up excited about life.

It was my ‘ah-ha’ moment. That second everything changed. And the beginning of my journey into mind set mastery. 

So, I did what I’m assuming you’re doing and headed to the internet, typing ‘frustrated and want more out of life’ into Google’s oh-so-judgemental search bar.

The words ‘mind set coaching’ appeared.

These titles became what I was known for rather than who I was.
I’d lost my identity. I felt empty. When did I get to be me?

  • Dotting daughter
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Loving mother
  • The perfect wife (x2)

I was just like you. Living the life society dictated, I squeezed myself into the expected boxes, while secretly wondering, ‘this can’t be it - there has to be more’.

I’d ticked everything off the list…

How I got here

Take me to coaching!

Drinking a glass of water when I wake up followed by at least 10 minutes of thought downloads. Selecting my favourite lipstick for the day. Being grateful for my health, my family, and my view. Dang! I love my view!

daily rituals

Learning something new
Buried in a book
Walking my pups
Usually creating mischief


BS, insincerity, and empty promises.


Straight up conversations from a position of genuine kindness, laughter, and designing a life that I love.


And doing it with a whole lot of love and laughter along the way.

My superpower is helping women become the best version of themselves while building the life they’d only dreamed of…one with abundance, courage, and curiosity.

Let's work together!

Our time together will sometimes be hard. You’ll have to face things you’ve spent your whole life avoiding. But I will always be in your corner, giving you space, teaching you the tools necessary today that you can put into practice tomorrow to make this stage of life your greatest and most empowering yet. 

Managing your mind doesn’t need to be dull. After all, it’s the first step towards a life you love – something that should always be celebrated!

My promise to you...

If you’re seeking someone who will help you challenge your thoughts, without judgement, isn’t afraid to ask you the tough stuff, but always make sure you’re feeling productive (if not positive) about your journey, I’m the coach for you.

Managing your mind doesn’t need to be dull. After all, it’s the first step towards a life you love – something that should always be celebrated!

Am I the coach for you? 

“You alleviated every concern. Seriously. Your straight-forward, solution-led mindset, and flexibility were integral in solving any of the struggles I had.”

"Straight forward and solution-focused"

I’m ready!

I designed a life I love; now it’s time for you to do the same.

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