Lifestyle coaching for women who are ready for a reboot!

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Life coaching for women in their midlife who are ready to thrive!

From unfulfilled and overwhelmed to discovering what you really  want. 

And don’t you think you deserve to live a life you love?

If you’re existing for others, put your dreams on hold, and not doing what you love, you’re not living.

You’ve been playing this game called life for a while now, but you’ve lost sight of what really matters for you to feel alive. To live an intentional life. 

So let me lay it out for you
to be utterly passionate about your life and everything in it.

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I designed a framework to navigate this messy thing called life. Now I teach women like you my expertly crafted strategy for stripping away the B.S. You get to (re)connect with the real you so you can create a life you love.

  • You’re always putting others' needs before your own
  • You don’t know who you are anymore
  • You’ve let yourself go
  • You’ve lost your sense of purpose
  • Your mind is stuck in the never-ending thought loop of coulda, woulda, shoulda

Am I right? That’s because I’ve been there. Frustrated, frumpy, unfulfilled, but fortunate enough to find my way out.

I already know a little about you...

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For the fed-up female that’s frustrated with being held back by her own triggers. Let’s address your biggest frustration with a three-week intensive coaching programme. With a custom-tailored curriculum and my unwavering guidance, you’ll be on your way to crushing your limiting beliefs. 

Focused Coaching

For the community-lover and companion seeker. Find realizations and clarity alongside other like-minded women on the same journey as you. 

Group Coaching

For the woman who’s ready for her dream life. Spend ten weeks working with me one-on-one to uncover what’s stopping you from stepping into the best version of yourself. We can then go on to create a life you love.

1:1 Coaching

It starts with working on your mind and ends with solid self-esteem. Beginning to manage your thoughts is the first step in a long list of adventures.

Here’s how we can work together:

Coaching à la carte

Learn more about me

Your strategic personal performance coach and co-conspirator in enjoying life to the fullest. I would eat sushi every day if I could, (and I’ll never turn down a glass of champagne). I’m spent over twenty years as an industry-leading destination wedding planner, a thoughtful friend, and a compulsive worker. Yes, while this might sound like the opening line of a dating profile, my point is, I am SO MANY THINGS. And I know you are too.

The Intentional Coach was founded with the purpose of helping women rediscover who they are, what they love, and what they want. I said goodbye to labels and stuffing myself in socially acceptable boxes and exchanged them for a life full of possibilities. Every day, I wake up excited to empower women to embrace the messy middle and the unpredictable. Why? Because that’s where you discover who you are, what you’re made of, and how amazing life can be.

Hey there, I'm Nikki!

Internationally recognized wedding planner to life coach might seem like a big leap, but for me, it was the obvious next step.

I’ve spent two decades guiding stressed-out brides (and their mothers!), identifying what they really want, managing expectations, engaging in results-driven work, and realizing couples’ dreams. Now, instead of planning beautiful destination weddings, I’m stepping out of creating memorable days and launching myself into the world of reality; uncovering why you don’t feel “good enough”, “invisible”, “capable”, or able to live the life you've always wanted. 

From wedding planner to women's life coach  -

“Nikki left no stone unturned when it came to making sure every concern was addressed and …she kept me smiling throughout the process and was an absolute joy to work with at every turn”

What's it like working with me? Here's what my past clients have to say!

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There are so many ways to find happiness in our day to day lives. Here are 100 of my favourites!

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