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On Holding Onto Old Beliefs

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I'm Nikki!

I said goodbye to my 23 year career as a destination wedding planner and became a certified life coach empowering women to embrace the messy and the unpredictable.

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Today was difficult. I was being deliberately stubborn.

Holding onto old beliefs. That no longer served yet I was unwilling to give them up.

Like favourite well-worn slippers, my excuses were all too familiar.

…what I have come to learn is there is no growth in staying comfortable.

Once heard – “if it does not feel uncomfortable, your dreams are not big enough.”

That is not why we are here. On this earth. To stay small.

As women, we live in social contradiction. “You can accomplish anything you want”. Followed by “Be careful”. “Ooo…Wouldn’t do that”.

We are led to believe we can be successful yet know of other women who only want us to fail. When we succeed, we hear comments of “Who does she think she is?”. As if me staying small will keep them safe and in comparison, successful.

On this day, my wish is for women to be genuinely supportive of other women’s dreams. To applaud their very daring.

For their actions show us that anything is possible. To light the way for other women until they find their own wings to soar.

That’s how we navigate this brave world where anything is possible. For women.

On today’s call, in my stubbornness, I sat, arms crossed, opposite a woman whose very belief in me, her tenacity, knowledge, and coaching skills are the foundation for all our success. I heard you.- I am. All in.

So…I am going to do all the things my coach encouraged me to do. That she knows I can accomplish if I put my mind to it. And in doing so, I will feel uncomfortable. And that’s okay to feel all the feels in order to grow.

I can’t wait to see what I become!

Who do you want to be?

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I’m a recovering people pleaser and ex-wedding pro, who lost my purpose during the pandemic and found it in this amazing world of managing my thougths and life coaching. I help women get out of being stuck and start over in a way that aligns with their truest self.

Leave your anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt at the door. You won’t need them here.

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