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I'm Nikki!

I said goodbye to my 23 year career as a destination wedding planner and became a certified life coach empowering women to embrace the messy and the unpredictable.

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It’s coming to the end of the day. I am off to look after my grandchild.

I was not a natural mother; it didn’t come easy. Had no idea what I was doing. Juggled between being a single parent, a full-time job, and going to school at night.

I am not sure I did anything well and certainly didn’t have any semblance of a work-life balance.

My son is now 35 and my granddaughter is on her way to being two. Not sure where time has gone but I have often thought that work-life balance is as elusive now as it was then.

And the madness is, I coach on productivity and mindset!

I am completely fascinated by how our brains work and the stories we tell ourselves.

I heard a great quote yesterday. “We are either sitting, standing or laying down, the rest is all thoughts”. Today, I saw a glimpse of what is possible.

Today, instead of spending my day doing everything but what I should be doing, the very first thing I did was focus on my website. I allowed myself two hours. That’s it. I set a timer. Sat down to write. And refused to get up until I heard the ‘ding’. Time up.

Admittedly, I did look out the window for inspiration from time to time. But I did the work. I had my action list – broken down step by step and just did the next thing.

My list is far from complete, but I am much, much further ahead than I was this morning. And the craziness is that once I began, I was really enjoying myself!

I kind of wondered why I had been putting all ‘this’ off to begin with.

So here’s my question for the day…

👉🏼 Is there a task that you’ve been putting off – or continue to put off – only to find that once you began, it wasn’t as hard as you thought?

Why do you procrastinate?

Let me know in the comments below!

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I’m a recovering people pleaser and ex-wedding pro, who lost my purpose during the pandemic and found it in this amazing world of managing my thougths and life coaching. I help women get out of being stuck and start over in a way that aligns with their truest self.

Leave your anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt at the door. You won’t need them here.

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